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Dr Firdevs Tat

B.A, Dip.Ed.Psych, M.Ed.Psych, D.Psych, MAPs, Clinical Psychologist/Neuropsychologist

Founder of GROW

Dr. Firdevs Tat is a psychologist who is fluent in Turkish with over 20 years of clinical experience.  She has practice endorsements in both Clinical Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology and has worked in community health and private practice.  These experiences have enabled her to develop strong skills in working with children and families with complex needs, particularly within family-centred frameworks.  She has extensive experience working in multi-disciplinary teams, both within adult and paediatric teams.

Firdevs was also responsible for establishing the Paediatric Neuropsychology Service, at Plenty Valley Community Health. This service provided formal neuropsychological/psychological assessment, diagnosis and evidence-based treatments for developmental, behavioural, learning, emotional and parenting issues.  She provided individual consultations to parents on parenting issues and counselling when required for grief, anxiety, depression, family violence and trauma.  Working closely with parents, teachers and other health professionals has been an integral aspect of her work. In addition, she has facilitated and co-facilitated groups, including Tuning into Kids, the Playing and Learning to Socialise program (PALS) and the Going to School Group.

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