About us

Who we are

Dr Firdevs Tat is the founder and principal psychologist at GROW Psychology & Allied Health. This service emerged from GROW Child Health team, which was founded by herself and Linda Crisci. Integral to her work is the belief that all people should have access to comprehensive health services. She has been committed to providing this type of service for over 24 years in both private and public practice.

The dream

GROW’s dream is to create a space where the needs of children, adolescents, families and individuals are met. Through establishing a team of like-minded allied health therapists, who work collaboratively, we envision GROW to be a place where our professionals feel purposeful in the work they do. Through a collective passion for health and wellbeing, we want to create an environment that supports the needs of all members of the community.

Specifically with children our team, in correlation with the Department of Health Victoria objectives, assists children’s development in the following important areas:

-Department of Health, Victoria


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